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What’s up everyone?

Today we are going to talk about Ghostemane! Ghostemane is a 26 year old rapper from Florida, he is an underground legend. Having gone on several nationwide and international tours, Ghostemane has made his mark on the scene. Mixing hardcore ideology and sounds with rap Ghoste has pushed the scene. The song that got me hooked was “Venom” check it out below:

Before making music Ghostemane went to college and worked at a call center, quite similar to myself. After some time of working a normal 9-5 office job he had enough and started making music. Ghostemane has a rather large collection of songs, 123 to be exact, and many projects. Ghoste began making music in a harcore band “Nemisis” and then went on to making solo music in 2014. Over the last two years he has seen crazy success. One of the songs that blew him up is “John Dee” check it out below:

Ghostemane should already be a name that you are aware. His content is dark and has good meaning. Ghoste is interested in physics, astrophysics, and religion such as satanism based around Anton Lavey’s theories. He has stated in interviews that he would like to go back to school to study physics and astrophysics. His song “Andromeda” follows the theme of space named after a space themed show. Check out the video for the song below:

Currently Ghostemane is on tour and many of the stops have sold out. If you haven’t had a chance to see him live I highly suggest that you do. I just uploaded some footage from a few months back where he performed “Nails” live before it was released. Check it out!

Hopefully you guy’s enjoyed this and learened some stuff about Ghostemane. I hvae linked his SoundCloud below for ease of access. Check out his music and hit him with that follow! If you have anyone you would like us to check out let us know! Thank you for reading!


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