Who To Follow: Denzel Curry

What’s up everyone?

Hope you are having a good day! Today we are doing a who to follow on Denzel Curry. Denzel started his career with the Raider Klan back in 2011 and was an active member until 2013. Denzel has released 6 full projects and a total of 101 songs! Denzel is a very passionate artist check out the video for “Goodnight” Below:

Denzel is from Carol City, Florida and is 23 years young. Over the past two years he has been on a journey of self-realization and growth as a person and as an artist. His music has always portrayed a message that is meaningful to him, but in recent months it has become more clear, it seems he has finally found himself. Denzel’s ability to create great music is amazing. I feel he is often slept on. Check out a fan favorite song “ULT” below:

I remember when Denzel dropped “Nostalgic 64” that shit was and still is fire. I recommend that you all go listen to that. Denzel has managed to amass millions of plays on his songs and gain a huge following in such a short time. Over this time we have seen him master his skill and create his own lane. He just dropped a song a few days back and it was dope, go check out the article for that. Check out the video for “Zone 3” below:

Hopefully you all enjoy these! Denzel is very underrated and it makes me sad. Check him out and hit him with a follow! I linked his SoundCloud below for ease. If you have any suggestions on who we should check out let us know!


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