Lil Pump In Jail!

Some crazy news in the rap world today. Lil Pump is reportedly in police custody as of last night. Pumps apartment was supposedly being broken into by 3 people while he was home alone and a gun was fired. Police were called and arived at the home to find no suspects were present but there was a bullet hole in the door. The police believe that Lil Pump fired the gun and arrested him. They found a gun under his porch as well as ammo inside the house for the gun. The police also reported they smelt weed and found some in the apartment. At this point Pump is in jail and his mother may be facing charges of child endangerment! This shit crazy. Lil Pumps team stated there should be security footage showing the three intruders were infact there and that the shooting of the gun was justified. To me this shit doesn’t add up and it sounds like Pump was just wildin out. Got a lil to high thought it would be funny and then realized oh fuck this is bad, hid the gun and proceeded to call his managers and police. Hopefully more information will surfface soon. Until then what do y’all think?


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