Guide To Vocal Recording Gear

What is up Wvlfe Pack?

One thing I struggled with when I first started to peruse music was what equipment to get. I felt overwhelmed with all the options and ended up making bad decisions and buying equipment that wasn't necessary. I made this video below to better expand on the mistakes I made and help lay out possible options for anyone with a lower budget looking to purchase recording equipment.

I forgot to mention the main types of mics you are going to see they are dynamic and condenser microphones. Condenser mics pick up a wider rage of sounds but there are limitations to how loud you can be with them. Condenser mics are good for studio settings as you have more control of input gain and all that good stuff. Dynamic mics pick up a wide rage also but are a bit limited in the sounds it can pick up. Dynamic mics are good for live performance and recording metal vocals.

  • Dynamic: Shure SM57, Shure SM58
  • Condenser: Blue Blue Bird, Rode NT1

I also partnered with Amazon and have included links to the gear that I spoke of in the video. If you would like to support this website follow those links to purchase the equipment. I went through and found the best prices I could.



  • Need: Mic, Mic Stand, Pop Filter
  • USB Mic: Plugs in ready to go no need for interface
  • XLR Mix: Requires interface, Better quality, Best for long term
  • Interface: Suggest a two port Scarlette, Better control of mic
  • Studio Headset: True sound as speakers aren't bosted good for mixing and mastering
  • Vocal Mic Shield: Helps with accoustics
  • Shock Mount: Reduces sounds when accidentally hitting mic stand
  • The kit I suggest:

    USB Mics:

    XLR Mics:



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