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Today we are going to be talking about Yung Pinch. I have just recently found Yung Pinch after he did an interview with No Jumper’s Adam22. I think the Music and visuals this dude makes are dope as fuck! It took me just a few listens to Yung Pinch’s most popular tracks. After I listened I was like hell yeah this Kid is up next. Yung Pinch started uploading to Youtube and SoundCloud one year ago. He has released 4 projects #4EVERHEARTBROKE, #714EVER , #4EVERHEARTBROKE2, and #4EVERFRIDAY. I haven’t given these a full listen through yet but I plan on it! Below are my 5 favorite Yung Pinch songs. Hit up the comments of this post with your thoughts. Currently we have to take your email for you to comment but I am working on making a login so you can freely comment from your own Wvlfe Pack account! ( update: I fixed this, you don’t need to enter any information you can just comment)

1. This is the first song I had heard from Yung Pinch. I love the vibe!

2. This is the song that really made me say “Alright I like this”

3. Insomnia just listen and you will understand

4. This was the second song I heard. Shit may be my favorite.

5. Rock With Us

No jumper interview:

Hope you all enjoyed! Leave a comment and let ya boi know what you think!


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