Yung Pinch – 1997 (Prod. Charlie Handsome) [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

This is a dope ass video! I love the message of the song it got me thinking. I think we all want to be successful, but success is all a matter of your own personal perception. You’ve created an idea of what success is based around the ideas of mainstream influence in society. In my eye’s I think Pinch is already very successful and will continue to be, the fact that he can tour and sing music for a living is a win in my book. Our generation tends to not see what matters, we just expect shit to happen and honestly want to much for our age. If you have somewhere to sleep, food and one person that gives a fuck about you then you have the whole world in your hands. Money doesn’t equate to you being successful in my opinion. Money just allows you to buy the material items you believe would define you as successful in societys eyes. My point is that you already are successful, you’re successful each day, it’s just a matter of seeing the successes over the failures and looking at the failures as a learning tool to be successful next time. Enjoy the video and song.


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