Wiz Khalifa – “Laugh Now, Fly Later” Album review

Wvlfeee Packk

What is up?

Wiz dropped this beauty a few day’s back and I’m in love with it. The first song hooked me man, he used that big doinks sample and that is fucking fireeee! I love weed and we all know Wiz is all about his kush! These songs are amazing supper chill and great for getting high to. I like the direction he took with the sound on this one. He used samples from his past songs, the deep captain voice, and the beats are just so timeless. He even has a snip of an interview in there also it’s amazing. I feel like he has pushed his sound to a good level with this one without losing the genuine Wiz feel. Overall I’ll give it a 8/10. All of the songs were great. Give it a listen and let’s talk!

Taylor Gang Or Die!


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