Who To Follow: Xavier Wulf

What’s up? How are you? Hope you are doing well today! Got another who to follow this time on Xavier Wulf. Xavier is one of the artists who got me hooked on the underground SoundCloud scene. Xavier started his career in 2011, is currently in his mid 20’s and is from Memphis Tennessee. The song that got me hooked on him was “Thunderman” Check it out below:

As I spoke about in the Bones article, Xavier and Bones have worked together and continue to do so. Their latest video together for “CrashLanding” dropped a few months back. The song has a detroit vibe to it, possibly cause Bones is from Michigan. Before you listen roll yourself a big wood and smoke good. Check it out below:

Xavier has been in the game a long time and has released countless songs. Hopefully we will see a full length progect this year. It has been one year since his last project was released. If we go back 3 years ago to his first project you will find “Mobile Suit Woe” One of my favorite Xavier Wulf songs. Check it out below:

I am not sure when or if a new album is comming but I’m sure Xavier is putting in work. Xavier reccently released a new video for “Check It Out” so work is being done. Check out the article on that video after this they have a 3D version if you are able to view that. Hopefully you enjoyed this article. I have linked Xavier’s SoundCloud below. Give him a follow if you haven’t already.


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