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Back today with an artist write up on who to follow! This one is on the $uicideboy$, who I’m sure most of you are already aware of. This is more of an appreciation article. The next few articles are on artists that got me into the underground rap scene. So I don’t even know where to start since they have so much material. Let’s start with their newest video for “Face It” then get into it.

So who are the $uicideboy$? The group consists of two people Scrim and Ruby, who are cousins from New Orleans. They started off making solo music years before that. Scrim was always into the rap scene and his sound has changed dramatically. Ruby used to be in punk bands and then started rapping solo as Oddy Nuff Da $now Leopard. They then came together to form the $uicideboy$ and have seen crazy success. Check out another dope video below:

The $uicideboy$ have dropped tons of solo mixtapes and many with other artists. To put this in perspective the Kill Yourself Saga has 20 EPs. They have released a total of 205 songs to their SoundCloud profile, which is a huge fucking catalog of songs. The progression that they have made in the last few years is amazing. They work hard and make good music. Check out the “Magazine” video below:

As you can tell their sound draws heavy from the Three 6 Mafia sound. They have sampled several of their songs and have worked with members of the group such as Juicy J. Their topics are what you would expect talking about drugs, guns, and violence. They really love that death vibe and well often talk about suicide. Many of their videos show drug use and hav a dark theme. Check out “O PANA!” below:

The $uicideboy$ started seeing crazy success around mid 2016 and haven’t slowed down since. They are working on music currently and released a song named “fuckallofyou2018” which was leaked early. I believe an album is on the way as well as plans to work on “$outh $ide $uicide 2” with Pouya. So hopefully in the next few months we see some new jams. They used to be dropping shit every week it felt like. One of their first well known songs was “Pairs” check out the video below:

I think that about covers all you really need to know to get interested. I fucking love it all so much. If I had to describe the $uicideboy$ in one sentence it would be: they are cousins from New Orleans who like drugs and death. Hopefully we see some new music from them in the near future. One last video I want you to check out is for “FUCKTHEPOPULATION” check it out below:

Thank you all for reading I you enjoyed this article and the videos I chose. I have linked their SoundCloud below for easy access. Take some time and go through this huge ass catalog and find something good. 90% of the songs they have out are good as fuck. Honestly you can’t go wrong. Check it out and let me know what you think!


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