Who To Follow: Fat Nick

What’s up everyone?

Today we will be doing another through back on one of my favorite artists Fat Nick! Before we start let’s take it back to 2014 when shit was lit.

So who is Fat Nick? Fat Nick is a 23 year old artist from south Florida. Fat Nick started rapping three years ago when his best friend Pouya started rapping. I’m sure you all know who both Pouya and Fat Nick are but we gotta cover it. They started a group called the Buffet Boys and started making solo music and music together. The first video is of both Fat Nick and Pouya. Check out one of Nick’s solo songs “How I look”:

Fat Nick has released 3 solo albums “Dropout Of School” with Pouya, “When The Lean Runs Out”, and “The Heart Attack.” Nick has been on several nation wide tours and I believe two international tours. Currently Fat Nick is working on a solo album and “Drop Out Of School 2” with Pouya. Check out a video for “Brand New” off of his latest solo album.

At this point Fat Nick has released 62 tracks to SoundCloud and has dropped several projects and videos. Nick is a pioneer of the underground and SoundCloud. He made a huge impact on the underground and the platform making it mainstream. Without Fat Nick and the Buffet Boys the scene wouldn’t be what it is today! I linked his SoundCloud below for easy following. Check it out and I hope you all enjoyed!


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