Who To Follow: Chris Travis

Good afternoon on this wonderful Friday! Hope you all are having a great day. Toady we will be talking about Chris Travis. I was first introduced to Chris when listening to Bones and Xavier Wulf. Chris is a member of the SheshHollowWaterBoys so it only makes sense to find him with the other two members. Check out the video for the song that got me hooked below:

Chris Travis is from Memphis Tennessee and began his career in 2011. In the beginning Chris was a member of the raiderklan and was with the group until they seperated in 2013. While in raiderklan he linked with Bones and Xavier and they have all been growing together ever since. Check out his latest video for “Beam” Below:

In total Chris has released 256 songs and has released 11 projects. There’s a lot of good music in there and well as every artist there are some bad ones in there. I suggest you check out his “See You There” project. I hope you all enjoyed the article. Make sure to check out some more of Chris Travis’ music below! Let us know what you think in the comments!


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