Who To Follow: Bones

What’s up Wvlfe Pack?

Got another who to follow today! This time on Bones. Bones is one of my favorite artists and he is from Howell Michigan! Bones is a G. Bones started releasing music in 2011 and has since released 56 mix tapes and over 100 music videos. Bones is 24 years old and is part of SeshHollowWaterBoys. Check out Bones newest video, that was dropped yesterday, for “HolySmokes” below:

Bones and Xavier Wulf worked together a lot in the beginning of Bones career. They have made countless songs and videos together. They make a great duo and decided to create seshhollowwaterboys along with another artist Chris Travis. In recent days they have all been doing less songs together but are still friends and tour with one an other. Bones and Xavier recently released a song together that I will cover in the Xavier article coming later this week. Check out one of their older songs “WeatherMan” below:

Bones is an underground legend. His impact on the sound and relevance of underground music was and still is huge. Bones kills the game and I highly suggest that you keep an eye out for him. He released a new song and video yesterday so it may be some time before we see another, but hopefully in the next month we see some more. As always if I do see any new music or hear of any new music you will hear about it! Make sure to check out his SoundCloud below and hit him with that follow. The Xavier Wulf article will be here Wednesday and Chris Travis Friday!


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