Who To Follow: 6 Dogs

What’s up everyone?

How are you this fine Monday? I hope you are doing good. Today we will be talking about 6 Dogs an artist from Georgia. 6 Dogs is 18 years old and has been making music for a year now. He has released 13 tracks to SoundCloud but has no projects released. The first song I heard by him was “Flossing” when Astari released this video:

A few weeks later another hit song was dropped “Faygo Dreams” The song gathered a million plays rather fast. A few months had passed then a music video came out along with several other songs such as “Kingdom”. Check out the video below:

6 Dogs most recent interaction was with none other than Cole Bennett. 6 Dogs released his newest song “ Butt Cheeks” last week and has done well with plays. Then a few days ago we were hit with a video for the song. At first I didn’t really like the song but the video makes it better. (Not saying it’s his best work though) Check it out:

6 Dogs is one artist that you need to keep an eye out for and I hope he continues to see success. I also hope to see a full project, that is one thing that is lacking in music right now. I have linked 6 Dongs SoundCloud below for quick follow. Check it out and let me know what you thought about the article in the comments!


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