Who To Follow: Yung Bans?

What’s up everyone?

It’s been a long ass time since I’ve made a post like this. But I’m back! Someone who I think you should all know about and keep up with is Yung Bans! Yung Bans is an 18 year old artist from Atlanta, who is making waves in the music industry. Bans, Currently on house arrest for murder, first began posting to Soundcloud 3 years ago, he has since released 10 songs to Soundcloud and quite a few songs and videos to Youtube and other media outlets. As far as his case goes it has been going on for a few years now and he stated in an interview that he didn’t do it. Yung Bans caught my attention when he dropped his “Dresser” music video shot by Cole Bennett.

I believe that this video helped his career a lot. He was getting plays and views but Cole helped him progress to the next level. Some of Yung Bans Most popular songs are “Dresser”, “Lonely”, and “Dead Faces”. Lonely is one of my favorite songs at the moment! I really like the vibe of the song and the meaning of the lyrics. In my situation it’s very relatible. Check it out below!

Lil Skies killed it in this one! I’m glad to see them working together and seeing Yung Bans out and about filming for videos. Due to his age he was able to be put on house arrest after being in juvenile jail for a few months. Hopefully he will have a chance to see a judge in the next few months and can get off of house arreset! He said in a recent interview that his next court date was in 8 months. One last song I want you all to check out is “Dead Faces”

These were the first few songs by him that I heard which sparked my interest. I hope you all enjoy the music as well! Yung Bans kills it and will continue to kill it! Check out his Soundcloud below or feel free to search him on YouTube! I hope you all enjoyed the content, Let me know in the comments what you think.


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