Who Is Pouya?

What is up Wvlfe Pack?

Got a special one today on the South Florida rapper Pouya. I started listening to Pouya back in early 2014 and since then he has been a major influence in my life. Pouya opened my eyes to the underground rap scene and the age of SoundCloud rappers. Honestly he is the reason that I started to make music which lead to the creation of this website. I grew up on Rap and hip-hop music and have always dreamed of doing anything involving music so he may not be the main reason but he definitely pushed me to be like “fuck yeah I can do this!” I have met pouya twice now and seen him live three times. My favorite songs are “get buck”, “Suicidal Thoughts In The Back Of The Cadillac”, “41”, “we all not shit” and “Strange” Pouya started out as an underdog with people not having much faith in his music.Pouya first started making music back in 2013 and took the scene by force throughout the years of 2014-2015 making a name for himself and gaining a huge following. By 2015 he was popping enough to do a U.S. tour and has also went on tour headlining with Fat Nick, and Ghostemane. He has released several projects “BBAY BONE “, “WARBUCKS”, “Stunna “, “South Side Slugs”, “UNDERGROUND UNDERDOG “ along with collab tapes “$outh $ide $uicide”, and “Drop Out Of School”. I would highly recommend listening to “South Side Slugs” and “Underground Underdog” they are very well put together albums. Fun fact about UU is that it sat #2 under Drake on the charts on the day of the release. Check him out and let me know what you think! I can’t wait for his new album to drop along with “$outh $ide $uicide 2”


Get Buck:

Suicidal Thoughts In The Back Of The Cadillac:



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