Who To Follow: DDG

What’s up everyone?

Hope you are doing well! Today we are going to talk about a local artist who is making it big, DDG, a 20 year old rapper from Pontiac Michigan. DDG started off vlogging 3 years ago and has 1.2 million subscribers now. Check out his video for “Take Me Serious” below:

DDG started uploading to SoundCloud two years ago and has released 14 tracks since. He has not released any mixtapes or albums at this time. He does have several music videos. In his videos it is normal that he is wearing all his ice and designer clothese. Check out the one below for “Givenchy”:

DDG has amassed a few million plays between all of his videos and songs. DDG is definitely getting exposure & I hope that he puts together an album soon. He uploads to youtube regularly and dropped the “On My Own” video last week

DDG is definatley an artist that you should all keep an eye out for id you don’t already! I hope you all enjoyed the content! Please let us know what you think in the comments below. I linked DDG’s SoundCloud below for easy access. Hit him with that follow. Thank you for reading!


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