Who To Follow: Bexy?

What’s up everyone?

Hope you all are having a wonderful day so far! Today we will be talking about Bexey, a 21 year old artist from London England. Bexey was a close friend of Lil Peep and was on tour with him when he passed. I just found out Bexey made music when he released a song and music video with Fat Nick “Stay Alive”

The song has a Lil Peep feel and sound to it and I love it. Bexey has been making music for 3 years now and has 26 track available on his SoundCloud page. Bexey also has many music videos that have been released on channels such as Astari. Check out the one below for his song “Suitcase”:

Bexey is definitely on the come up and is someone to keep an eye out for! I hope that he continues to release bangers and that we see a project from him soon. I have linked his SoundCloud below so that you can follow him easy and keep listening! Let me know what you all think about Bexey in the comments below!


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