Wvlfe Pack whats good??

Talking about MAXO KREAM today.

MAXO started uploading to SoundCloud 4 years ago. Since then he has released 2 projects: MAXO 187 and PERSONA TAPE. Maxo is from Houston and is about that trap trap trap rap. The shit is raw he actually articulates and his flows are lit. It has a good three six mafia vibe to it. I first heard him when he did a feature with $uicideBoy$ on their track “Pictures” When I heard the verse I was hype! The dude kills it every time. His newest song is “Mars” with Lil Uzi and he recently dropped a video for “Grannies” I fuck with it and hope to see more from him in the future. Check out his SoundCloud and shit below! Let me know who you want me to write about. I will be dropping content regardless but would like to find new artists and give my true opinion on it. Let’s talk in the comments!



Smoke Break:

Trigger Maxo:


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