Lil Xan

Whats up Pack fam?

Back with another one today. This time on Lil Xan!

I as most people who follow the “underground” not so underground scene probably have heard about Lil Xan within the last two or so months. I found him when he dropped his Slingshot and Betrayed songs on Elevator. It took me a few listens to like it but after listening to Slingshot like 4 times the head bob started and I knew. Lil Xan has been posting to SoundCloud for around a year now. After his most recent video for Betrayed that he did with Lyrical Lemonade he has blown up. The video got 11 million views in a month! Like what that is crazy. Be on the lookout for new music from this kid. Below I posted my favorite songs by Lil Xan check them out!



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