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Who is Lil Peep? Lil Peep is an artist that took the underground scene by charge throughout the 2016 year. Peep started posting music to SoundCloud two years ago and has been on a steady rise to the top. Lil Peep has released four projects Cry Baby, Castles, Hell Boy, and his most recent project Come Over When You’re Sober. Peep often raps/ sings over sampled emo songs that are made into rap style beats. In his rise to fame he has acquired many tattoos and in a few interviews speaks on the fact that he doesn’t remember getting some of them! He has Cry Baby tatted on his face along with a red anarchy symbol! Shits awesome. Lil Peep is a member of the Goth Boy Clique, a group of artists such as Lil Tracy and Horse Head. I have been following peep almost since his beginning on SoundCloud. My favorite song would be Gym Class. Of his newer music Awful things and The Brightside are my favorites. Hell Boy has hella good songs also. Give them a listen and let’s talk in the comments!


Gym Class:

No Respect:

Let Me Bleed:



Awful Things:

Benz Truck:

The Brightside:

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