Las Vegas Shooting :(

Just heard news of the shooting that happened in Las Vegas last night. It troubles me to hear these types of things happening. I wish we could move towards world peace and agree that we are all equal trash. In the last 20 or so minutes reports came in stating that ISIS has claimed the attack. I am not sure on how true these claims are but its possible. Apparently the shooting was done by one person who had multiple weapons. It was an older man at the age of 64. Reports of 50 people dead and hundreds injured. I will try to post an update when I find more out. Check out the video below for some live video of the shooting and more information. The reason I put this on the site is guns play a big role in hip-hop and our society in general. I offer this question, should we have stricter gun control? Should we arm and instruct more of the general population on gun safety for protection?


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