Joyner Lucas – “Frozen”

Yoooo this shit gave me chills “All because a dumb bitch decided to text and drive” Joyner keeps surprising me. This has such a powerful message and the video is so eye-opening. He makes a point that we all take life for granted and we live to fast, just slow down, everything is okay and it’s going to be okay. I can’t say im not guilty of texting and driving or driving fast and reckless cause I am. But this made me think so hard. I’m about to have a kid and over the past few months the changes I’ve made to better myself are insane. I didn’t value life and was constantly depressed and often did shit without thinking of the consequences. Just know you are in control of your life and your happiness, don’t try to blame others or a situation you are in, you put yourself in the position you are in. Next time you think you want to die or say you want to die, hesitate and say I want to live, cause you don’t want to die you just want the situation to be different. Control your demons and be yourself. Self growth is the key to success.


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