Guide To Affiliate Programs

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Wvlfe here and today I want to talk on affiliate marketing programs and how you can join one of these programs to potentially make money. I am doing a series this week on setting up a website and in this portion I want to talk on making money! There is no guarantee as to how successful you will be that is on you but I want to give you the tools to make these things possible. First things first you need to have an audience in mind. Second you will need to create and grow your following and possibly make a website. Once at this point or even before this you will want to partner with a company’s affiliate program to make money on your website or social media. You make the money by placing ad banners on your website or links on social media posts, when the ads are clicked you get a portion of the total sale price normally 10%, Having a website makes it easier to gain revenue and engage users. If the website has something worth value and is related to the product you are attempting to place on your site to sell there is a high chance for success. As your followers and traffic grow the number of engagements increases and you can potentially earn loads of money. It’s all up to you and your ability to market yourself as well as the company’s products. I have links to the few programs I am signed up with so that you can get to them easy. To set them up you will need a business paypal account and an email address. I suggest that you make a new gmail for this that is semi professional, make a paypal and then sign up for the programs! Which ever program you choose should have tutorials on how to create the links and banners for your social media and website. It’s a relatively easy process and if you follow along with me I’m sure you can get it done! Check out the video below where I speak on this topic and show you how to set up an account! I hope you all enjoyed this.



  • Pick a target audience and products
  • Create a business email through gmail for free or pay for office365
  • Create a business Paypal account
  • Create social media accounts and grow following
  • Share links on the social media accounts
  • Create a website related to target product
  • Add banners to the site


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