Free Tay-K! YBN Nahmir?

Wvlfe Packkkkkkk!

What is up?!

Back with another artist write up! Talking about Tay-k and YBN Nahmir in this one. As pretty much everyone knows who Tay-k is I don’t need to go into much detail. Tay-k hit the scene full force in June when his ‘The Race’ video dropped. The video now has a crazy amount of views sitting at 60 million! Tay-k is a 16 year old rapper from Texas who is in police custody for charges against him for some gnarly shit. This brought much attention to the artist and basically blew him up. Then two weeks ago YBN Nahmir gets a play on a No Jumper livestream, the next day his video is on World Star and now sits at about 9 million plays! YBN Nahmir is a good artist though. I really enjoy his music and would suggest you keep an eye out for both artists! Check out their songs below. I offer two questions do these two have a similar style or is everyone trippin? Do you think Tay-k is going to be free anytime soon?

Rubbin Off The Paint:

I Got A Stick:

The Race:


I love My Choppa:

Murder She Wrote:

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