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Today we are back talking about BROCKHAMPTON. Brockhampton is the collective of artists. I read that there are 14 current members but in the videos and photos I count 7. So who knows maybe only 7 of them actually rap and the rest produce! They have been heavily active the last year and in the recent months have been dropping more and more music videos. A friend from work showed me them the first song I heard was “HEAT” and that shit is HEAT. I have to say that this shit is real hip-hop! The beats are fire and have an old-school feel to them, the flows & lyrics are raw, and the fact that they have a collective of artists making songs together takes it back. They started uploading to Youtube and SoundCloud 3 years ago with solo music from Kevin Abstract. Their Soundcloud is not as uptodate as the youtube channel with the last upload being a year ago. It seems from what I put together that Kevin Abstract is the one who was like yo bois lets get this poppin. This shit bangs and I’d be surprised if we don’t start hearing more from them. They talk on controversial topics and are a diverse group of people. I am excited to see what they for us in the future! Check out their SoundCloud and some music videos below! Let’s talk in the comments.








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