Artist Report – Kid Nino

What's up everyone?

This is our first artist submission! I went through and listened to his music and I fuck with it! I think he makes good songs that you all would enjoy. 

So who is Kid Nino?

Kid Nino is an artist from south Florida's Broward county. Kid Nino is starting to make waves across the internet little by little having amassed over 19K plays total on SoundCloud in the last quarter of 2017. His first song was posted two years ago and his progression is amazing. His style is influenced by both this new generation of music and elements that made the classics THE classics, Kid Nino may be a household name sooner than later in the Hip Hop community. We here at Wvlfe Pack are excited to see what he has in store for the future and hope that he keeps putting in work! Below is one of his songs and this shit bangs! 

A word from the artist about the song:

"My song 'Real Ones' is basically a shout-out to all the loyal and genuine people out there. It's also talking about where I'm at now in my life and the people that weren't loyal enough to stick around."

Song name: Real Ones
Artist: Kid Nino
Instagram: @iamkidnino

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