Album Stream: Rich The Kid – “The World Is Yours” + First Impressions

This was an alright album. Rich is really good at making catchy hooks, “No question” was literally a hook with a future verse on it, it’s not horrible but it is ya know? Maybe I’m just to critical and jealous of them but it deeply saddens me that music took the turn it did. Non the less the album was good and there was a lot to it than repetitive hook songs. The album featured Rich’s most popular songs “New Freezer”, “Plug Walk”, and “Early Morning Trapping”, which have all been in my favorite list since dropping. For me Rich makes hit or miss songs there’s not really an in between, which for me is common with new age artists. You can tell what songs he took his time on and what ones he didn’t. For example “No Question” was probably a one session song and “Small Things” probably took a little bit more time. The Lil Wayne feature shocked me, was not prepared, it was dope as fuck. I definitely enjoyed the album. Check it out if you haven’t already.


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